The Russian Ministry of Defense has made a boast about the technology of new drones it has for use in its invasion of Ukraine.

Russian Soldiers are seen using VR-controlled kamikaze drones.


Over the course of the past few months, Moscow has carried out air attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure using drones known as “kamikaze drones,” which are manufactured by Iran. British defense officials, on the other hand, stated in February that Moscow probably “exhausted” its drone fleet and “will probably seek additional supplies.”

“Boomerang VR (Virtual Reality) headset-controlled kamikaze drones,” according to the Russian MOD, were shown in a video released on Thursday.

In order to locate and hit a target, an operator uses a virtual reality headset to control the device. In order to assist the operator, an assistant operator launches the drone and monitors its flight direction.
The Russian MOD said it had four rotors, four little motors and a huge stockpiling battery. The UAV is said to travel at up to 110 miles per hour and can hit moving targets as well as troops in dugouts and special shelters. It is also said to be highly maneuverable.

Tass stated, “The kamikaze drone carries a special container filled with striking elements, filled with explosives, and stuffed with a detonator as its main feature.”

According to the ministry, “the anti-drone gun is powerless against it” because it lacked a satellite communication module. However, they can be steered at “a minimal altitude just above tree tops,” the ministry stated.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has been contacted by Newsweek for comment.

Abishur Prakash, a co-founder and geopolitical futurist at the Center for Innovating the Future in Toronto, stated that virtual reality (VR) was a new technology that was entering the conflict in Ukraine that might be scrutinized globally.

According to what he told Newsweek, “The West might be critical of companies that are investing in firms supplying Russia with drones or VR-systems.” In the meantime, there may be a significant opportunity for businesses in China, Iran, or even other nations in Asia and the Middle East to satisfy the demand for cutting-edge technology, which could further involve these nations in the conflict.

He stated that VR, which Russia and Ukraine might use, could also be used to anticipate social unrest in particular regions. VR is currently being used to direct drones, but its application may soon expand,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the United States has expressed concern that Beijing may soon provide “lethal support” to Russia’s war effort and that Moscow is looking to China for drones similar to the Shahed-136s. The claims have been denied by China.

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