First Twenty20 live: Bangladesh vs. England score and most recent updates, as of 3 minutes ago

WICKET!!! at 10:28 AM
Woakes b Taskin 1

More incredible stuff from the Bangladesh assault – a back-of-the-hand more slow ball accomplishes for Woakes who is through with the shot about a year prior to it raises a ruckus around town.

Over 19: FOW – 147/6 10:28 AM ENG 147/5 (Moeen 4 Woakes 1) Bangladesh scores just four runs in this superb over, which ends with the wicket of Curran. Two for 26 from the seamstress, great work from Hasan.

WICKET!!! at 10:25 AM
Carran c. Shanto b. Hasan 6 England needs a big last two overs here (20 minutes ago, you wouldn’t have expected to read that). England are having trouble keeping up with Hasan, who is using yorkers and slower balls to mix it up here. Because the tourists haven’t reached the rope since the second ball of the 16th over, Moeen is nearly run out as he looks for the elusive boundary. Curran searches for a long time, but all he finds are the hands of Shanto (yes, he’s back).

10:21 a.m., Adults: ENG 143/4 (Moeen 2 Curran 5) Moeen and Curran are both excellent batsmen who can hit 360 around the bases. However, with the hosts’ tails up and on this wicket, this may be challenging for them. Moeen missed the shot before it got to him when Mustafizur hit a slower ball into the surface. After that, The Fizz’ throws a slower ball that bounces, and Moeen hooks it well for a single. Since that 15th over, the hosts have performed well, just what they needed.

10:00 a.m. OVER 17: ENG 136/4 (Moeen 0 Curran 1) The double-punch from Bangladesh there: they now have two new batters at the crease, and what could have been a huge total to get might now be attainable… Four dots balls follow those two quick wickets and how things have changed. In Twenty20s, an over is a long time. Just one (and the crucial Buttler wicket) from that over: 10:12AM WICKET!!!!
Buttler c. Shanto b. Hasan 64 HUGE WICKET: The England captain tries to get one down the ground, but he only manages to find Stanto’s mitts at long on, a good catch because he was diving forward there.

10:00 a.m.
Five overs to go and with wickets close by these last five overs could be savagery…

Duckett loves a scoop, he’s as of now got one four with the stroke and he adds one more as he scoops Mustafizur over the wicketkeeper’s head. ‘ An attempted yorker is caught on Buttler’s legs, and the England captain scampers a well-run two because the Fizz’s line is off. After that, Mustafizuer bowls a wide, and he then dismisses the left-hander. Ben Duckett gets a rough break. That ball would have bounced to at least midriff height in New Zealand. Two-thirds of the way up, it came off the stump here. Nonetheless, a very useful little innings that exemplifies his adaptability.

WICKET!!! at 10:10 AM
Duckett b Mustafizur 20 “The Fizz” bowls a wide next, but he makes up for it with a line drive that stays a little low and hits off the peg.

10:00 a.m. OVER 15: ENG 126/2 (Duckett 15, Buttler 64) Taskin returns to the attack in an effort to score a run or two, but Duckett scoops him for four over the wicketkeeper’s head with the first ball of the over (this isn’t the first time England has a boundary first up against seamers today). That’s a great shot that immediately puts the hosts under pressure again. As Buttler manages to force a full toss over extra-cover for an additional four, the pressure only grows. England bowled another strong over, scoring 11 off it.

10:00 AM FOR OVER 14: Shakib to Duckett over the wicket in England 115/2 (Duckett 9 Buttler 59), but the left-hander reverses him for a magnificent four. On a pitch that will only get slower and lower, England has established the foundations for a strong total with nine from the over; a total of around 175 would be difficult to achieve batting second.

9:56 a.m., 13+: ENG 106/2 (Duckett 3, Buttler 56) Prior to this over, Bangladesh was stifling the run rate here, as wickets typically do. Before Buttler baseball bats one down the ground for six, five runs are scored, including three singles and a two. The next move is for him to smack another maximum over the cow corner. Buttler has stepped on the gas pedal; how much will that Shakib drop cost?

9:53 a.m. Will MacPherson in Chattogram Malan was doing the right thing by trying to tee off, but he doesn’t really like starting against spin in the middle overs. Ben Duckett is here, just arrived from New Zealand.

9:52 a.m., Above 12: ENG 89/2 (Duckett 1 Buttler 41) Prior to Malan’s dismissal, there were four singles. That makes Duckett, who started in Tests in New Zealand and finished at four for the T20 team in Bangladesh, a player with little crossover. He starts off with another single.

WICKET!!! at 9:50 a.m.
Malan c Shanto b Shakib 4

Malan attempts to hit Shakib downtown, yet he doesn’t get every last bit of it and it’s a generally basic catch for Shanto on the limit’s edge.

Salt, who also had a poor ODI series, struggled that innings. He seemed to be trying very hard to cut the spinners on his left arm, but that didn’t work and ultimately led to his downfall.

9:47 a.m., 11: ENG 84/1 (Malan 2 Buttler 39) Hasan is the new bowler. The right-arm seamer hits three singles before hitting a shot across the outside of Malan’s bat. The over comes after another single.

9:43 a.m., 10: ENG 80/1 (Malan 0 Buttler 37) Nasum continues to spin with his left arm, and on the second ball, Buttler reverse sweeps a slower, more floated delivery for four. That drop is already costing money, and Salt joins in on the six act by coming down the ground to his Nasum above his head. The boundaries aren’t too strict, and if you get anything from the ball, it probably goes all the way.

That was all before Salt’s bizarre wicket with the final ball of the over at 9:42 AM!
Salt c Litton Das b Nasum 38 Salt tries to hit one over the middle of the wicket, but an appeal for caught behind results in the ball being awarded. Salt reviews and requests a face wipe because he is certain it is not out. Snicko confirms that he did gain a slight advantage, so he can use it on his way out. An odd way to end a good knock.

9:36 a.m., 9: ENG 68/0 (Salt 31 Buttler 32) Since the two spinners started playing, the run rate has slowed down. Buttler hits the final ball down the ground for another, his and England’s second, for six despite the straight bowling. Eight from beyond

9:32 a.m., 8: ENG 60/0 (Salt 30 Buttler 25) Nasum is bowling well, going stump-to-stump with only a few floated shots. Before Buttler tries the reverse hit, which only results in one more single, the first five balls yield four singles.

9:29 a.m., 7: ENG 55/0 (Salt 28 Buttler 22) Shakib steps up to bowl, giving himself a chance to redeem himself after that horrible drop. That over yielded four singles.

That is a truly horrible cricket. Unfortunate ball from Nasum, bleak shot from Buttler and frightful drop from Shakib. Inconsiderate of the two skippers. In that over, Salt and Buttler both lost. Bangladesh will need to improve beyond that.

9:26 a.m., 6: ENG 51/0 (Salt 26 Buttler 19) Spin was reintroduced in the sixth over, which may have come too late.

Nasum makes a comeback with left-arm spin and Buttler, the England captain, lands a shot that goes straight to Shakib at midfield and the veteran DROPS IT. That was a blunder, and both the crowd and Buttler cannot believe it. Salt, um, hits the next ball for four as if to add salt to the wound. The powerplay is over at that point, and it worked out well for England.

9:00 a.m. OVER 5: ENG 44/0 (Salt 20 Buttler 19) Salt scores his second four of the day after “The Fizz” (Mustafizur) gives him too much width in the first up. A solitary follows before Buttler chips one barely shy of the bowler on his completion. That is the closest the hosts have ever been to a wicket.

This pair is able to rotate the strike well between the boundaries and run well between wickets. This over began with a four and ended with a six when Buttler hit an over-the-shoulder shot midway through. Extraordinary beginning for Britain – no difficult situation up to this point and going at just shy of nine an over with practically no gamble.

9:17 a.m., 4: Buttler hasn’t seen much of the strike, but he hits the third boundary of the day with a fine shot off the back foot that punches through the covers at the top of the bounce, which is delightful. ENG 31/0 (Salt 14 Buttler 12) Before Taskin hits the outside of Buttler’s bat with two singles, the pace bowler hits the pitch hard with that back-of-a-length delivery, which worked well for him in the ODI series.

9:13 a.m., 3rd: ENG 23/0 (Salt 12 Buttler 6)
Salt is partaking in the ball going onto his bat as he pounds left-arm fast Mustafizur down the ground for an assertion of-plan four. ‘ The Fizz, who also did well in the one-day internationals, didn’t really find his line and length.  The Fizz’ also did well in the one-day internationals. Five of the six balls in that set.

9:08 a.m., 2: Taskin, who bowled well in the ODIs, takes the new ball from the opposite end. England 18/0 (Salt 8 Buttler 6). Salt drives well for a four-run home run off the first pitch, as if to demonstrate that he prefers the ball to come on to the bat. The sequence continues with two singles, two leg byes, and then another scampered singles. England got off to a great, stress-free start.

9:03 a.m., 1: ENG 9/0 (Salt 2 Buttler 5) The new ball has Nasum’s left-arm spin, and the first two balls have two singles. This is a crucial innings for Salt, who struggled in the ODI series and could use a run here. Expect some wear and tear as the pitch appears to be the same as the third ODI. Buttler hit his first four of the game with a ground-to-top hit on the final ball of the over.

9:00 a.m.: The players are out in the middle, and the game is about to start.

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