King Charles III confers a knighthood on Queen Brian May.

Brian May, guitarist for the legendary Queen and holder of a PhD, was knighted by King Charles III. Brian Harold May said he was “thrilled” to be made Knight of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by King Charles III.

May, who is also involved in wildlife preservation organizations, said that he felt a renewed obligation to “behave in a way that benefits the United Kingdom and the rest of the population” after the brief ceremony.

During Queen’s peak in the 1980s, the 75-year-old guitarist, along with Roger Taylor and the late Freddie Mercury, achieved significant fame.

Receiving the honor was a “very good feeling,” according to Sir Brian, who described the ceremony as a “lovely moment.” Additionally, he acknowledged that he and King Charles, who is 74 and a year younger than him, joked about their ages: He was wondering if my knees were ready for the part of the ceremony where we kneel. I said: ‘ Indeed, pretty much’.”

For Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee in 2002, he performed a guitar rendition of “God Save the Queen,” the British national anthem, from the roof of the royal residence. Twenty years later, he also performed at the monarch’s Platinum Jubilee.

As Vice President of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals since 2012, May is also an animal rights activist who has led UK campaigns against fox hunting and badger culling.

Although Freddie Mercury, Queen’s lead singer, passed away in 1991, May and Taylor have continued the band’s existence to this day. May discussed the band’s future with journalists: I can confirm that we are contemplating a tour… I hope to remain healthy; at the moment, I appear to be in pretty good health, which is always a positive sign.

May had a minor heart attack in 2020 and tested positive for Covid-19 a year later. However, he has continued to perform live, most recently on the Rhapsody Tour from 2019 to 2022. Together with frontman Freddie Mercury and drummer Roger Taylor, May founded Queen in 1970. 15 albums were made by the group.

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